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What does Jesus Say About Church And State In The World We Live.

Picture Of The Words What Does Jesus SayEven though Jesus was physically on this earth about 2000 years ago, His words still resonate into solutions. For example what does Jesus say about separation of church and state. Does it agree or disagree with our founding fathers?

Our founding fathers realized there was a problem with this issue. They addressed it along with freedom of speech in the creation of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

Jesus addresses this question when He says, “Give to Caesar things that belong to Caesar and to God things that are of God.” (Matthew 22:16-21) It is clear that Jesus draws a line separating God from government.

Different Religions

People from all faiths and backgrounds compose the state. Here in the U.S. we have Atheist, American Indians, Buddhist, Hindustani, Jewish, Islamist, Christians and more. According to Wikipedia, there are over thirty three thousand different Christian denominations.

Of these groups, which ones have the right to impose their values upon the entire community through legislation?

Government’s Responsibility

The government’s responsibility is to look after all of the people within the community, not a particular religious organization.

How To Relate In Public

Jesus tells how to relate with others in public.

These four elements are the foundation for peaceful resolutions in all areas of life. When a person is angry at another without communication there is no resolution, only turmoil and conflict.

For His believers

He gives instructions on how to relate to God.

  • Do Charitable deeds in private not allowing our left hand know what the right hand is doing. Matthew 6:1-4
  • Pray to God In a private room, not in a public place. Matthew 6: 5-7

These instructions represent a private and personal relationship with God. By living these words, we reflect our belief in the creator of its content.

Religious influence on government has proven itself as one of the greatest causes of injustice in the world. Jesus is the perfect example. During the time of Jesus, a prominent religious group influenced government leaders to have Jesus crucified. This happened even though the government officials proclaimed His innocent. Thus demonstrating the power of a religious institution to impose their will upon the authorities. Matthew 27: 15-26

Our Founding Fathers

Thomas Jefferson and our founding Fathers created the First Amendment to the Constitution recognizing the danger of religion in government and the importance of freedom of speech. They agreed with the words of Jesus whether they knew it or not. Give to Caesar things that are of Caesar and God the things that are of God. You can Find the scripture references by visiting


Jesus does not legislate but provides through the substance His Parables opportunities for each of us to come to our own conclusion.  The teachings of Jesus make it impossible to declare that any of His words have a specific application, only a realization of truth relating truth to a specific event. Maybe this is where the Freedom of Speech comes in with the establishment of the First Amendment to the Constitution.