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How To Make A Slow Motion Clip on iMovie

Video Effect Slow MotionTo create the video effect of slow motion on iMovie or create a time lapsed video the video has to be converted to the proper format. You can view this video for at this location.

The first thing is to open up iMovie and go the event and select the clip you would like to place into your video. Place the clip into an existing project or create a new project.

Once in the project select the specific portion of the clip that you would like to have made into slow motion or time lapsed clip.

Once in the project we can split out the clip we want to adjust by splitting the clip or we can select and adjust the entire clip.  Once the clip that is to be set for slow motion has been selected go to the inspector and open the inspector. If the clip has not been converted select convert entire clip. The conversion will begin to take place. Once the conversion is finished there will be in its place speed adjustment tool.

This conversion will also convert the entire clip in the events folder as well to allow for speed adjustment of the entire clip.

You will see an adjustment arrow in the middle of the turtle and the rabbit. This means that all decrease and increases in speed will be in relationship to the speed of which is 100%. To place the clip in slow motion move the arrow on the slider to the left it will reduce the frame rate to 50%, 25% and 12.5%. This special effect will decrease the frame rate and produce a slow motion clip for your video. The rate can further be decreased to a minimum of 5% by typing this percentage into the box on the right side that indicates the speeds percentage. You can type any frame rate in this box from 2000% and 5% and your clip will be adjusted accordingly.

To increase the clips speed moving the arrow to the right will increase the speed 200%, 400% and 800%. Another option is in the percentage box you can increase it up to 2000% of the original speed. This is good to make time lapsed video of sunsets, cloud formations or what ever may catch your fancy. Any questions visit tutorials.