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Past and Present Times Of  David Norton

David Norton

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In the past and present I have always believed in sharing what we learn. By embracing new technologies and incorporating them into daily life it makes life easier. Sharing the information we learn provides the opportunity for others to see different insights on specific topics.

Over the past few years I have created websites, articles and videos pertaining to Spy ProductsApple Software, Web Development, Home Improvement, Christianity and Ride Sharing. Within these Pages you will find all of my insanity regarding these topics and more. I have specific pages with links to videos, websites and articles that I have created and are an evolution in progress.

In Spy Products you will find links to the latest technologies through SpyGeeks.com and videos through thespygeeks.com and a blog website spy geeks.net. The Apple Tutorial Videos are based upon iOS Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion.Picture of handyman tools

In the Home Improvement I have provided some links and general information that will help in solving home improvement issues.

Web Dev will reflect understanding on WordPress and Web Development in General. I had to learn a little bit to put this website on the internet. While I grow my knowledge in Web Development I have began my RideSharing business where if you need a ride or something transported you can call and I will provide the best service possible.

My morality comes from Christianity my beliefs are a reflection of my own The Gospel Of Matthewcontroversial understanding of the Bible. I believe the Bible conflicts with the teachings it contains, leading to many of the issues that seem to plague our society today. My grandfather who could recite the Gospel of Matthew from memory, once said it does not make any difference what denomination you attend they are all a bunch of Hypocrites. Well, I do not exactly agree with His statement about everybody being a hypocrite, but I do find the Bible has two different messages that create hypocrisy. Unfortunately this hypocrisy lives in our society in many different forms such as grid lock, divorce, the killing ourselves as well as others and thievery, to name a few.

I welcome your phone calls at 407-616-1009 or email at dave@davidnorton.org